Nightline is currently unavailable due to Covid-19.

If you need support during the time we are closed, please contact Samaritans.

Nightline offers an online instant messenger service, from 7pm till 7am Monday to Friday during term-time. This can sometimes feel easier than picking up the phone, giving you an extra bit of time and space to prepare what you want to say. Just click on the link below to talk to one of our trained volunteers. The system is free and still completely anonymous: you don’t need to enter any details at all and we have no way of identifying you.

*Please note: if we do not reply to you it’s because we’ve had a technical hitch and the system hasn’t notified us of a message coming in. If you are comfortable to ring the phone number on 0141 55 22 555 just to alert us to a waiting call, we will check the texting and online systems. Thank you!*